Group Affairs Team

The Group Affairs team coordinates actions and projects across our many brands and offices and supports consultants in their work.

Strategic Leadership and Global Sector Leads

Morten Rud Pedersen

CEO & President, Global

Jacob Nielsen

Chief Business Officer, Global

Jonatan Tylsgaard Larsen

Chief Strategy and Legal Officer, Global

Headshot of Martin Nohlås

Martin Nohlås

Chief Financial Officer, Global

Anders Würtzen

Senior Adviser and Group Compliance Officer, Global

Trine Ann Behnk

Group Healthcare Business Development Director, Global

Ånen Ringard

Vice President (VP) Health Care Europe, Global

Line Tresselt

Partner and Director of Defence and Security, Global

Global Operations

Alexandria Hicks

Director and Head of European Client Relations, Global

Caity Jackson Bernéus

Corporate Communications Manager, Global

Angelica Fjällström

Group Finance Manager, Global

Cecilia Flenhagen

Group Events and Project Coordinator, Global

Helena Stjernström

Executive Assistant, Global

Where to Find Us

Visit our Berlin Office!
Unter den Linden 32-34,
10117 Berlin,

Managing Partner: Hendrik Hagemann ([email protected])

Office Manager: Mary Taylor-Lohmann [email protected]