Trine Ann Behnk

Group Healthcare Business Development Director, Global

Trine has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since late 90’s, in a number of different positions with sales, market access, product management, sales force excellence and public affairs in the Nordic Countries as well as internationally and locally.

Before Trine started in Rud Pedersen Group worked in public procurement, facilitating the international strategy and working with the European Pharmaceutical strategy as well as engaging across markets and alliance networks to drive best practices eg within procurement of medicines. Trine was engaged actively with European Health Public Procurement Alliance organisation, representing a vice president position for EU tenders.

At Rud Pedersen Trine is particularly engaged to drive the collaborative services across the individual Rud Pedersen Group offices and drive European service offerings together as one Rud Pedersen healthcare unit. Trine has a broad experience with value based procurement, price and reimbursement og go-to market strategies, as well as a strong understanding of the European healthcare set up and challenges associtated . Trine has experience with stakeholdermanagement and network organisations and alliances. Trine is a strong facilitator, speaker and are often used in panel or advisory board discussions with European agendas.

Trine has a background from healthcare and a business admininstration degree in Global supply chain management fra 2019, CBS.